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What Is You Rang?

You Rang? is a Server Paging Application designed to increase the efficiency of the restaurant while providing an excellent customer experience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to use technology to provide guests with outstanding customer service by changing the way restaurants serve.


  • You Rang Application for Servers, Hosts and Kitchen
  • QR Code to scan for public


You Rang allows the restaurant staff to connect with the guests and communicate with each other by using the application. This allows the restaurant to run efficiently while providing excellent service to the guests.

Staff Application Features

The servers use the app to receive alerts from other staff members or when guests send alerts to their servers after scanning the QR Code.

The Hosts use the app to track alerts, track tables and notify the server when they are given a new table.

Our Solutions

Restaurants face many challenges throughout the day-to-day operations. Our goal is to minimize those challenges by simplifying the entire serving process.


Guests have no idea where their server is when they are ready to order. This leads to them thinking the server forgot about their table and they are not getting proper service

Solution: You Rang allows the guests to notify their server when they need something. This will provide guests with a peace of mind that their server is aware of their needs and will be with them shortly.

A server will visit a table too often and the guest will start to feel annoyed or like they are being rushed to finish their meal.

Solution: With You Rang, since the server can receive alerts from the table, they know if the table wants something. This allows the guests to be left alone until they are ready, leaving them more satisfied with their service.

The Hosts have issues finding the server after they give them a new table

Solution: You Rang allows the hosts to notify the server when they seat a new table. This allows the host to maintain position at the front of the house while ensuring that no tables get dropped.

The kitchen has lots of orders sitting in the window.

Solution: The kitchen staff can notify the server to come pick up their food and take it to the table. This allows the kitchen to operate more faster and smoother while also allowing the guests to have their food brought out at the highest possible quality.

How It Works

The guests will scan a QR Code on the table and select an alert to send to their server. The Server will respond to the message and take care of the request. This allows the sever to provide an excellent dining experience.

Extra Features

The guests will be able to receive text updates throughout their time at the restaurant. The updates will ask them if their server has helped them or if they are ready to order another round. This allows the restaurant to operate more efficient while also increasing profits.

Will record all necessary stats that will allow restaurants to track their efficiency along with the efficiency of the servers. (Ex. Efficiency Rating, Average Table Time, Tables Per Server etc.) 

Guests can see efficiency stats of each restaurant through the app.

The app allows guests to write a review of server and restaurant, check wait times or make a reservation. 


Founder and CEO Jake Gatziolis

Jake is a veteran of the food service industry. He started bussing tables at his parents restaurant when he was 14 and from there he moved to server and bartender. He came up with the idea for You Rang after observing the different dining styles of different people. In an effort to change the way restaurants operate in the future, Jake has a goal is to increase the efficiency of restaurants around the world and making life better for the guests and staff.

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