What Is You Rang?

You Rang? is a Server Paging Application designed to increase the efficiency of the restaurant while providing an excellent customer experience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to use technology to increase overall performance of your restaurant while providing guests with outstanding customer service.


·  You Rang Mobile Application

– Tablet for Management, Front Of House and Kitchen Staff.

– Phones for Servers

·  QR Code- Guests scan at the table to access the Application.


You Rang allows the restaurant staff to connect with the guests and communicate with each other by using the application. You Rang allows the restaurant to run efficiently while providing excellent service to the guests.

Staff Application Features

The Servers use the app to receive alerts from Guests.

The Servers can communicate with other staff members through the App as well

The Hosts use the app to track server alerts, track tables and notify the
server when they are given a new table.

How It Works

You Rang is a restaurant application designed to increase efficiency of restaurants by allowing the guests and restaurant staff to communicate with each other.

By using any mobile device, guests will be able to scan a QR Code on the table and select an alert to send to their server.

The Server will receive to the alert through the application on their device. Once they receive the alert, they can and accept the request and help the guest meet their needs. This allows the sever to provide an excellent dining experience.

The App will be used by the host stand in order to alert the servers when they have a new table and keep track of all the server alerts. This will help determine wait times as well as see which servers are busier than the others.

The App will also be used in the kitchen in order to alert the servers when their food is ready. This will allow the servers to bring the food to the guest as fast as possible thus providing the guest with a high quality meal served at its best.


Our Solutions

Restaurants face many challenges throughout the day-to-day operations. Our goal is to minimize those challenges by simplifying the entire serving process.

You Rang allows servers to focus on providing guests with excellent service.


Issue: Guests often have a difficult time tracking down their server when they are ready to order. This leads to them thinking the server forgot about their table and they are not getting proper service

Solution: You Rang allows the guests to notify their server when they need something. This will provide guests with a peace of mind that their server is aware of their needs and will be with them shortly.

Issue: A server will visit a table too often and the guests will start to feel annoyed or like they are being rushed to finish their meal.

Solution: With You Rang, since the server can receive alerts from the table, they know if the table wants something. This allows the guests to be left alone until they are ready, leaving them more satisfied with their service.

Issue: The Hosts have issues finding the server after they give them a new table

Solution: You Rang allows the hosts to notify the server when they seat a new table. This allows the host to maintain position at the front of the house while ensuring that no tables get dropped.

Issue: The kitchen has lots of orders sitting in the window.

Solution: The kitchen staff can notify the server to come pick up their food and take it to the table. This allows the kitchen to operate more faster and smoother while also allowing the guests to have their food brought out at the highest possible quality.


You Rang collects guest contact info when they scan the QR Code and enter their phone number to receive text updates.

Using the information gathered, You Rang will be able to send out surveys as the guests leave asking for customer feedback on their experience in the restaurant. This allows the restaurant to gather important information that will help them improve.

You Rang will be able to send out text updates to former guests, alerting them of new deals and specials going on at the restaurant.

You Rang will use all stats recorded throughout a shift to provide real efficiency statistics for the restaurant.

Extra Features

Text Updates

When the guest first scans the they will be given an option to put their cell phone number. The guests will then be able to receive text updates throughout their time at the restaurant.

You Rang will sent timely text messages to check in with the guest to see if their server has helped them meet their needs or their if food arrived at a reasonable time. This allows the restaurant to receive real time customer feedback while also increasing its overall efficiency.

You Rang will send text messages to the guests suggesting they order more food or another round of drinks. This helps keep the guests satisfied while also increasing profits for the restaurant.

Server Assists

If a server receives am alert but is too busy to action it, they can send a request to the other servers to take care of it. If another server have the availability, they can complete the task. This allows the guest to receive outstanding service regardless of how busy it is

You Rang will record all stats that will allow restaurants to track their efficiency along with the efficiency of the servers. 

Recorded Stats

You Rang will keep track of how long each server takes to complete tasks in order to measure how efficient the restaurant is.

You Rang will keep track of all Server Assists in order to see which individual server is helping others.

Guests can see efficiency rating of each restaurant through the app.

The app allows guests to write a review of server and restaurant, check wait times or make a reservation through website. 

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